Inland Small-Scale Fisheries

A. Resources on Inland Small-Scale Fisheries

International Documents on Inland Small Scale Fisheries

WFFP-WFF-ICSF-CFS declaration on inland fisheries presented at the July 2016 COFI.

The Position Paper on Inland SSF, but the WFFP Inland Fisheries Working Group

FAO Rome Declaration: Ten Steps to Responsible Inland Fisheries. Adopted by COFI (2016)

Concept Note by The Too Big To Ignore Inland Fisheries Cluster

Resources about Individual Inland Small-Scale Fisheries

Indigenous inland fishers of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the ‘fish province’ of the Russian Federation.

Participation of traditional inland fishers in eel management in The Netherlands.

"African Great Lakes International Conference—Conservation and Development in a Changing Climate".

B. Notes and Transcripts from the Inland Fisheries SSF Learning Circle

Notes from Inland Fisheries Learning Circle Skype April 24th, 2016

Transcription from Inland Fisheries Learning Circle Skype June 11, 2016

Notes from Inland Fisheries Learning Circle Skype Oct. 13, 2016