The Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Centre is a community-based civil institution that supports healthy coastal communities and healthy marine ecosystems.

What We’re Working On

  • The Small-Scale Fisheries Learning Circles Project

    The Small-Scale Fisheries Learning Circles Project

    The Small-Scale Fisheries Learning Circles project is a project of the Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Centre. The project will consist of a series of workshops, or ‘learning circles’, using online and teleconference technologies, that will bring together small-scale fisher people and those working closely with them an there communities. The scope of the project is international, and the time period of 18 months.The purpose of the Small-Scale Fisheries Learning Circles Project is to inspire and inform the struggles of small-scale fisher people worldwide, by enabling them to share their stories and strategies.

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  • Annapolis Basin Clams

    Annapolis Basin Clams

    The MRC has been working closely with the CHA 2 Clammers Association to protect and restore the ecological and economic health of the clam industry in the Annapolis Basin.

    This work has involved advocating for the clean up of the Basin and the reduction of closures due to pollution, as well as developing a community-based management plan.

    The MRC has produced conributed to research papers on clam management issues , and has convened a national learning circle on shellfish management Coastal Learning Communities Network website.

  • Alternative Media

    Alternative Media

    Support for community-based alternative media is playing an increasingly important role in the MRC’s work, including video, photography, creative writing and other forms of cultural production. These approaches help us to tell own stories, witness own struggles, document and evaluate our work and express our aspirations.

    Among the MRC's current work on alternative media:

    • co-hosting, together with Bear River First Nation, a learning circle on using photography and video as a tool for community development

    • co-sponsoring a series of public screenings of In the Same Boat, a video project by Martha Stiegman, that combines two of her videos about fisheries issues and our local communities, In Defence of Our Treaties and The Last Handliner. For more information on these films go to

    • videotaping public meetings, especially relating to clam management issues, as a way of maintaining transparency and keeping proceedings par of the public record

  • Coastal Learning Community Network

    Coastal Learning Community Network

    The MRC is a founding member of the CLCN, and has attended the network’s workshops in Halifax, Inuvik, Tofino and Stephenville. The MRC also assists in the organization and facilitation of telelearning sessions that have linked First Nations and non-native fisher peoples.

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